About Us

You smell the aroma of delicious home cooked Mexican food and hear the sound of Mexican music.  Many friendly faces greet you warmly, the atmosphere is inviting.  You feel at home. 

You're at Taco Loco.

Taco Loco opened its doors almost 20 years ago.  It has been at the Shelby Township location for over 17 years and it is still going strong.  Over the years it has built a large customer following and it is still a big favorite.  Noe Ramiro Baiz started the business 20 years ago and it is still his pride and joy - A true Mexican Restaurant that creates homemade dishes that tingle the senses and sate the appetite.  The goal of his restaurant is always to serve the finest, fresh, authentic, home cooked Mexican Cuisine with the best ingredients, resulting in a top quality culinary experience.